Financial Statement 2023

March 13, 2024

Message from Lester Huang, the Treasurer

Please be informed that the 2023 Audited Financial Statements of the Association have been approved by the Executive Committee. In order to save the environment, copies of accounts are not mailed to members but posted herewith for members’ attention.

Click here to view the Financial_Statement_2023.pdf

If members require further information or have any question, you are welcomed to ask me in the forthcoming AGM.

I would also like to be advised if you intend to submit or have already submitted a claim for tax deduction in respect of your membership subscription for the assessment year 2023/24, pursuant to section 16, Inland Revenue Ordinance Chapter 112. If we do not receive your written notice by 31 March 2024, we would assume that tax deductions do not apply and shall submit the Association’s tax return on that basis.

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